Tenants and Landlords

Tenants and Landlords


Services For New Tenants



Are you tired of running around wasting your time and gas
searching for a rental property? 

Only to go see it and it is already gone? Don’t have time
to search? Can not reach anyone for any information or help? If this is “You”
then “You” need our concierge service for any tenant that would like help finding
a rental property.  

“No cost to you” the other side “the other agent “pays my
service fee to help you.  


We package you up and send you out in mass volume to all
the properties you would consider moving to. I take my time to research every home
and its requirements. I am the squeaky wheel to get you an answer. Think of all
the time you would save! Wouldn’t it be nice to reject the home you do not like?
Then constantly wasting time and being rejected? 


Services for Landlords


I help you, by making your life easier. Provide “New
tenants” that meet your criteria. 

I am not going to charge you to death. I get it, the
other property management companies with- hold rent and want late fees. The other
companies charge so much for repairs and fees that you have nothing left to pay
the mortgage on the home. Tired of empty promises? Want to work with an agent
that gets it?  

Are are looking for a property manager that will drive
themselves to the property and knock on the door? Report, to you what is going
on? Let’s talk – schedule an appointment so I can listen and learn more about
your needs and the situation.




Click here to watch a video of me and my mom helping to get a place ready for a tenant. 

Click here to watch another video of me working late to get a place ready for a tenant.

Past Commercial - Onsite Property Management  


Rented out available spaces  for 2 warehouses and 54 commercial rooms ranging in price from $500-$12000 a month