As a monthly paid sponsor - I list your business image and description and contact information here on this page. Your company's information, is displayed in the following ways:


●Business card image with a description of your business services, contact information and email.


●Your business/company information at all "Open House Events"

 (You/company, is responsible to provide your marketing materials for the event)


● Your business/company's flyer included in all my listing packages and buyer information packages, landlord and tenant packages.

( You/company, is responsible to provide flyers)


Social Media Announcements and Postings about being a sponsor for awareness of Adults with Mental Disabilities


By becoming a sponsor this does not guarantee any additional or new business.


These are community events to create awareness for Adults with Special Needs and Open Houses to sell homes.


Please, contact me direct for any further information.


Thank you, for your time and consideration.